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Happy New Year, talliers!

2018 Year In Review

Lots of new users!

A lot happened in Tallyland in 2018! Take a look back with us:

TallyLab's 2018 Year In Review »

Better Backup Recovery

If you should find yourself unexpectedly tally-less — maybe you lost your device or maybe there was a glitch in the matrix — it's now way easier to recover your data:

Just choose "Returning Tallier, Logging In" from the home screen.

Note: In order for us to locate your backup, you'll need to have previously answered our security questions or saved your encryption keys. Make sure you do that ASAP by going to the Security section of the app.

If you keep forgetting to do that, don't worry — there's now a reminder in the app that will pop up periodically until you do it.

Bye-bye, Social Log. Hello, Collection Templates!

Remember how when you first started using TallyLab, we automatically installed the Social Log — an example collection we used to help explain the app to you?

Many of you gave us feedback that the example wasn't helpful, so we got rid of it! Now, when new users start the app, they'll have the option to install the most relevant-to-them collection from our templates:

This palette of collection templates will be at the bottom of the home page any time you want to add one, and we'll be adding to it over time.

Support Our Work by Spreading the Word

If you're psyched about what we're doing, please share TallyLab with your pals!

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Support Our Work by Contributing Monetarily

Visit the Billing area in the app to make a financial contribution. Your support will hasten the release of exciting new features, such as

  • Syncing between devices
  • Shared tallies — gather data in collaboration with your doctor, co-parent, roommate, labmate...
  • External sources of data — bring in data from Google Sheets, fitness trackers, weather apps, Twitter...
Future external data sources
Get Started (If You Haven't Yet) »

That's all for now! Feel free to reach out to us by replying to this email or by clicking one of the links below.

Jordyn & Mark
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