2018 Year In Review

Posted by Jordyn on January 17, 2019 under App News

TallyLab evolved quite a bit in 2018!

You are cordially invited to start unraveling life's mysteries by capturing some data.
We went from Closed Beta to Open Beta.
Chart showing new user growth over the course of 2018
And increased our user-base by 1300%, from ~15 total users to almost 200!


Sneaky iOS in-mail browser
Enabled iOS users to break out of their email client
Ixnay on the ecuritysay
Freed new users from the security flow in onboarding
IPFS logo
Added IPFS to the project


All Tally View
Enabled collection-less tallies, which necessitated adding an “All Tallies” view
Business Cards oh la la
Designed and ordered business cards


d3 code
Began work on major charting upgrade
Billing code
Began work on in-app crowdfunding


Counts per Week Bar Chart Correlator
Installed major charting upgrade
You are cordially invited to start unraveling life's mysteries by capturing some data.
Released first Progressive Web App version of TallyLab, enabling offline access to the app


Our first two customer payments
Enabled in-app crowdfunding, promptly received two payments
New, Better Email
Established email list, sent first email
Our first, very wrong estimates of the size of our userbar=se
Began attempts at estimating our user-base, given that we don’t track users in a way that makes counting easy (these numbers turned out to be way off!)


The cosmos as scatterplot
Began auto-flowing new users directly to the app from Closed Beta sign-up
OrbitDB Logo
Added OrbitDB to the project


Re-encrypting users' DBs is complicated
We resurrected and improved our security flow in advance of implementing Remote Backup
Still from 'The Big Short' with text over it saying 'This is what the inside of our brains look like now'
Gave pop-up talk at HOPE Conference


Artist depiction of our system for remotely backing up users' data
Released Remote Backup
Public site redesign
Installed new public website


You are cordially invited to start unraveling life's mysteries by capturing some data.
Moved into Open Beta
New Blog, New You
Launched company blog with first case study


Word Cloud Chart
Added word cloud chart for tallies with notes
API v5
Began work on v5 of the API, which will enable: Device Sync, Shared Tallies, & External Data Sources
Second Case Study
Published second case study


Choose Your Own Adventure
Began work on new onboarding experience, using a new material theme
UI Testing
Overhauled Flogger UI testing tool


Trademark application filed

Coming in 2019

Device Sync
Shared Tallies
External Data Sources
Open sourced codebase

See you there!