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Specializing in Time Series Data

Need to survey your constituents? Need to track symptoms or productivity? Need to log usage or field samples? Our platform is perfectly suited to gathering and analyzing a series of moments in time.

Local First

TallyLab apps consider local devices the ultimate source of truth when it comes to user data. That means our apps work just as well offline as they do connected to the internet. Once back online, data is synced in the background. Any cloud you use for backups – yours or ours – is cold storage only.

End-to-End Encrypted

Data is encrypted everywhere – in storage and in transit. Data is only decrypted locally when it's time to be viewed or analyzed.


Data travels between devices on a peer-to-peer basis. That means you don't need us, our servers, or anybody else to share or backup data. Scale, speed, and resilience are built right in.

Privacy First

Our unique architecture makes TallyLab apps private and secure by design and by default. We are proudly CCPA, GDPR, & HIPAA compliant.