Getting Started


0. Sign up for the Newsletter

You don't have to sign up for anything in order to use TallyLab, but it is helpful for us to be able to send you emails from time to time about new features or changes.

We will never sell or share your email address with anyone, and we will only use it to update you about TallyLab-related goings-on.

1. Decide on a Primary Device

If you want to gather data while you're out and about in the world, we recommend using TallyLab on your main mobile device to start.

2. Open a Browser on that Device

...and go to

3. Add TallyLab to the Device's Home Screen

After you've used the app a few times, most browsers will automatically prompt you to add TallyLab as an app to your home screen. We highly recommend doing so!

If that doesn't seem to be happening, you can manually add TallyLab in the usual way. Check out our guide to adding a web app to your home screen.