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Happy Grand Canyon Day, talliers —

Streaks Update

Thanks to your thoughtful and timely feedback, we were able to add Shortest and Current Streaks, and you can now filter streaks by time frame:

Streaks only show up on tallies that have a goal associated with them, so if you haven't encountered a streak in the app yet, go set some goals!

Tools for Timetrackers

Many of you let us know that you're using TallyLab to track your time, and that better tools for slicing and dicing durations would help you with things like invoicing. We have therefore added a Custom Time filter to Tally Stats:

And you can now tap the duration stat to see an exact decimal:

2019 Annual Report

Progress continued!

And we've detailed it all in our latest annual report:

TallyLab's 2019 Year in Review »

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