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Howdy, talliers! We installed a grab-bag of updates this week:

Updated Tally Stats Tab

You can now filter the entire Tally Stats page by various recent time periods:

Available time periods on tally stats tab

If you have tallies you've been keeping notes in, the Stats tab now includes a Word Cloud of your notes. For example, maybe you've been jotting down your dreams in the notes of your Remembered Dream tally:

Word Cloud of Remembered Dreams

Updated Correlator

To continue with notes-related updates, you can now visualize the number of words in each note by choosing the "word count" data type:

Word Count of Remembered Dreams
February 2018: Peak Dream

You may have also noticed in that screenshot that you can now see the minimum, maximum, average, and median for every data set you add to the Correlator. Cool!

New You-tilities

You can now email your encryption keys to yourself (instead of having to figure out how to save a TXT file on your phone):

CSV exports are now sporting human-readable dates (instead of those wacky timestamps we were accidentally leaving in there).

1538757260667 => Fri Oct 05 2018 12:34:20 EST

Support Our Work, Part 1: Help Spread the Word

In August, TallyLab moved out of invite-only into what's known in the biz as "open beta". If you're psyched about what we're doing, please spread the word.

Shareable promo image

Download the promo image:
Link to our homepage:
Link to the Getting Started page:

Support Our Work, Part 2: Contribute Monetarily

Visit the Billing area in the app to make a financial contribution. Your support will hasten the release of exciting new features, such as

  • External sources of data, starting with weather and Google Sheets
  • Shared tallies. Anything you do in collaboration with others is fair game here — parenting, chores, bird sightings, you name it.
Future external data sources
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That's all for now! Feel free to reach out to us by replying to this email or by clicking one of the links below.

Jordyn & Mark
TallyLab, LLC

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