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Howdy, talliers! It's July and things are heating up.

Time to Get Serious About Security

Quite soon you'll have the option of regularly backing up your TallyLab data to the cloud. If you lose your device, this remote backup will be a convenient way to restore your data.

Since your data in TallyLab is always encrypted, you'll need encryption keys in order to restore from a backup.

There's a lot more detail on our support site about what encryption is, what encryption keys are, how TallyLab handles these things, and why we don't just use passwords like everybody else: TallyLab Security »

But the important takeaway from this email should be:

The next time you open TallyLab, we need you to take a one-time action. We highly recommend Option A, which gives you a way to regenerate keys if you lose them, but you can do either of the following:

A. Generate new keys by answering some questions

Go to the new Security area of the app, click on "Generate new keys by answering our questions" and answer the series of autobiographical questions we've assembled.

B. At the very least, save your current keys

Go to the new Security area of the app, click on "Save your current keys" and then download your key file and keep it somewhere safe.

Again, for more detail on all of this, see our support site:

TallyLab Security Support

Support Our Work & Unlock Premium Features

As we announced in our last email, TallyLab now has a Billing area where you can contribute to our efforts:

Screenshot of the new billing form

Contributing now will fund continued improvements of the app, and will serve as credits for upcoming premium features:

  • Remote backup of your data, in case you lose your device
  • External sources of data, starting with weather and Google Sheets
  • Shared tallies. Anything you do in collaboration with others is fair game here — parenting, chores, bird sightings, you name it.
  • ...and oh so much more!

Getting Started (If You Haven't Yet)

Visit the Welcome Page

That's all for now. Feel free to reach out to us by replying to this email or by clicking one of the links below.

Jordyn & Mark
TallyLab, LLC

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