Our Mission

Our goal is to help you keep track of – and glean insight from – the data in life that matters to you, free from anxiety about the safety and privacy of that data.

Data => Insight

There's a lot about ourselves, our world, and our universe that humans haven't quite nailed down yet. We believe the tools of science – evidence, data, statistics – should be accessible to as many people as possible so we can figure out as much we can as fast as we can.

So far, TallyLab is focused on gathering data and graphing that data in a way that makes seeing correlations easier. Of course, correlation isn't causation! But it's a good place to start.

In the future, should you let it, TallyLab will do the correlating for you, offering up potential connections whenever the data suggest they exist.

Privacy & Security

We believe that both your data and your privacy is valuable to you, and that you shouldn't have to trade either of those things merely for convenience.

To that end, we have already implemented end-to-end encryption for your local data, and that encryption will carry over once we have a remote back-up/sync available.

We will never sell your data and we will not do anything that approximates selling your data, such as selling ads on the app or tracking your activity.