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Howdy, talliers! It's June and we've got some news.

A Little Light Crowdfunding, Perhaps?

The current "classic" version of TallyLab will always be free to use, but TallyLab isn't free for us to make. If you find the app useful, consider contributing to our efforts via the new billing form in the admin section of the app.

Screenshot of the new billing form

Contributing now will fund continued improvements of the app, and will serve as credits for upcoming premium features:

  • External sources of data, starting with weather and Google Sheets.
  • Remote backup of your data, in case you lose your device (see below for interim tips)
  • Shared tallies. Maybe you and your roommates need to keep track of whether the cat was fed today, or maybe you want your doctor to have read-only access to your sleep tally.
  • ...and oh so much more!

Speaking of Backing Up Your Data

Data Safe

Your data is local to whatever device you're using TallyLab on. That means if you lose that device, you lose your tally data as well. Oh no!

We're working on a remote backup service, but in the meantime we recommend periodically backing up your data. Here's how, depending on your platform:

Desktop Browsers & Android Devices On the Settings & Utilities page, click "Download .ZIP"
iPhone/iPad If you use iCloud to back up your device, you're all set. TallyLab data will transfer to your new device.
MS Edge Unfortunately, all we can suggest here is downloading CSVs from individual tallies for now.

New Users, Part 1: What happened to the tour?

Some of you who on-boarded recently encountered a bug where the example collection, Social Log, did not install and therefore the tour of that collection did not launch. Bummer!

If you'd like to watch a walk-through of that tour — no voice-over, just a click through slow enough that you can read each step — you got it:

Link to Social Log tour video

Thanks to Titlecard Music and Sound for providing the backing track!

New Users, Part 2: How to get started

If you signed up but haven't gotten started yet, you can always revisit the welcome page for first steps and tips:

Visit the Welcome Page

That's all for now. Feel free to reach out to us by replying to this email or by clicking one of the links below.

Jordyn & Mark
TallyLab, LLC

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