TallyLab Is in Open Beta!

Posted to the Blog by Jordyn on August 22, 2018 under News

I am so excited to announce that we have officially moved TallyLab from closed beta into open beta!

TallyLab emerged because I had mysteries in my life that I wanted to solve by collecting and analyzing some data. Of course, I tried to find an existing app that would help me do this, but I couldn't find any apps that met my criteria:

  1. Easy enough to use that I could imagine keeping up with collecting real-time data (i.e. pulling up a spreadsheet app on my phone, finding the file, adding a row, etc. didn't seem likely)
  2. Flexible enough that I could track anything I wanted (not just fitness or just food, etc.)
  3. Customizable charts so I didn't have to export data to another app in order to do some analysis
  4. Clear commitment to not sell or aggregate my (possibly quite sensitive) data in some creepy way

I found some apps that did one or another of those things, but never all of them.

So I did what any fool web developer does with an idea like that: I built the thing my damn self. And then I roped my long-suffering colleague Mark into helping me build a better version of it.

Many of you have already been using the app and giving us fantastic feedback; we are extremely grateful for every morsel. Some of you have gone even further and chipped in some cash to help keep this project afloat for the near-term; we are humbled by your faith in our ability to do right by that investment.

For those of you who haven't been involved with TallyLab at all so far, we cordially invite you to check it out and let us know what you think!

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