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Australia's Horrible New Encryption Bill & Its Implications for TallyLab

Posted by Jordyn on December 11, 2018 under App News

TL;DR: We're not giving Australian authorities access to your data.

Australian Police Car

Bupropion (Wellbutrin) & Dreams

Posted by Jordyn on October 9, 2018 under Case Studies

Does taking the anti-depressant Bupropion (generic Wellbutrin) affect your dreams?

Vitamin B & Sleep

Posted by Jordyn on August 31, 2018 under Case Studies

Does taking a B-vitamin supplement before bed help you stay asleep?

It's Official: TallyLab Is in Open Beta!

Posted by Jordyn on August 22, 2018 under App News

Anyone and everyone is welcome to start using TallyLab to help solve life's mysteries by capturing and analyzing data.

Invitation to Tally

Pushing the Limits of IPFS and OrbitDB

Posted by Mark on January 24, 2018 under Tech Notes

Getting OrbitDB databases in the browser to replicate with OrbitDBs in node.js.